Head of EPA Doesn’t Know How Much CO2 is in the Atmosphere

Posted in Climate Change,Government Incompetence & Waste,U.S. by Ryan on the July 15th, 2015

When asked what percentage of the atmosphere is CO2, she deflects saying its not a calculation she has on hand. When pressed on the point, she refers to her papers (her papers!) to cite the levels in parts per million, saying we have just reached 400ppm.

How does the head of an agency, whose major regulation initiatives hinge on these very values, not know them by heart? I’ll give her a pass on not wanting to calculate the percentage given it may be an uncommon way to represent CO2, but to have to refer to notes to cite 400ppm?

Either we have another political appointee who is woefully unqualified for the job, or climate change is a convenient excuse to simply impose more control.

This is a tired record that keeps getting played over and over in the Obama era. Politicization or incompetence. Take your pick, but it might be both.

People Believe What They’re Told

Posted in Media Bias,U.S. by Ryan on the June 3rd, 2015

The average American is uninformed about the details when it comes to economic issues like economic growth/health, unemployment, wage growth and deficit spending. Take some results from a recent CNN/ORC poll as an example.

Compared with a year ago, more now say the nation’s economy is recovering or already recovered. Half (50%) say so in the new poll, up from 43% last year at this time. Still, nearly one-quarter (23%) feel the economy is still in a downturn and getting worse.

Meanwhile, GDP for Q1 was revised down from a paltry .2% growth to -.7%, a shift of nearly an entire point backwards.

The 0.7 percent annual rate of decline in economic output in the first quarter of 2015 was a reversal of the initial 0.2 percent advance for the period reported last month by the Commerce Department.

Wages are stagnant, real unemployment remains high (despite flawed methods making it appear near 5.4%), deficit spending continues unabated and GDP has trended downwards into negative territory.

Yet by a factor of 2 to 1, Americans think the economy is recovering or already recovered. As a left leaning media continues to carry water for the administration and saturate the airwaves, internet and newspapers with stories that don’t bring focus to these issues, paint a rosy picture, or scapegoats the bad news, the average American remains uninformed.

Hillary Clinton and America’s Ethical Compass

Posted in Election 2016,Media Bias,U.S. by Ryan on the April 29th, 2015

I am genuinely interested to see how long and how far the campaign of Hillary Clinton for President continues. The obvious lack of transparency and as Mitt Romney put it, “every appearance” of unethical conduct and cover up and graft, would normally disqualify someone almost instantly. Yet here we are, with still more scandals and disturbing facts coming to light, but no overwhelming swell that is clearly sweeping her from the national stage. Talking heads wonder if it will harm Hillary’s campaign and others discuss her strategy and path to be the nominee for the Democratic party, and eventually President. Fortunately, some have come to their senses and are beginning to have serious reservations, despite idealogical alignment with her. Were she a Republican, her demise would already be assured, but the media does not adhere to an unbiased standard among the two parties.

If the Democratic party proceeds to ignore the numerous issues surrounding Hillary Clinton, it will show just how ethically bankrupt democrats are. That fact that she is still held up as a serious candidate already betrays their lack of principles.

I hope that she is eliminated as soon as possible from serious discussion for the Presidency, not for the sake of ending Mrs. Clinton’s political career, but for the sanity and soul of America. We need good men and women to fill our high offices.

Out of Control Police

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan on the April 10th, 2015

There is no place for law enforcement “professionals” like this in the United States. They shouldn’t be placed on paid leave, they should be on unpaid leave if you’re not going to terminate them right away. Then charge them for anything and everything criminally prosecutable in the video.

I’m sure the suspect will have his day in court as well for his lawlessness, after he gets out of the hospital.

The suspect was knocked off the horse, went prone and was clearly submitting to surrender. The chase, whatever it entailed, was over. He even placed his hands behind his back and kept them there. I’m sure he wished he hadn’t spread his legs for the officer that took a well aimed kick at the opportunity, to say nothing of the cheapness of every single blow delivered.

The irony is that the actual criminal prior to this beating will likely be a very rich man after the dust has settled in the coming months or years. Congratulations Mr. Pusok, you just won the stupid police brutality lottery.

UPDATE: I missed this development, but a month after posting this, an article detailed the settlement for Mr. Pusok.

The county agreed to pay Pusok a $650,000 settlement less than two weeks after the incident.

What would be great is if it came out of the officers’ paychecks and pensions. Garnish their wages for the next 10 years or something. Sadly, I assume it’s essentially coming out of the pockets of residents of San Bernardino County.

The worst part is that Mr. Pusok basically just cashed out, instead of doing what needs to be done and strip some of these officers of their badges.

As part of the settlement, the county admitted no wrongdoing in Pusok’s arrest.

Climate Change’s Reach Expands Further Yet

Posted in Climate Change,President Obama by Ryan on the April 8th, 2015

President Obama took to blaming climate change as a contributing factor in his daughter’s asthma as a child, and encourages action on climate to prevent more asthma related incidents.

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos


I believe the logic follows that warmer temperatures increases the duration and volume of pollen during the spring, thus exacerbating asthmatic reactions and thus the potential for attacks. It is spelled out here at this NIH website.

Increase carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures, thereby affecting the timing of aeroallergen distribution and amplifying the allergenicity of pollen and mold spores


It didn’t take long for some to point out other likely culprits.


If you go to the CDC website on Asthma and second hand smoke (yes, there is a page dedicated to the subject) you learn the following:

Tobacco smoke is one of the most common asthma triggers. Tobacco smoke—including secondhand smoke—is unhealthy for everyone, especially people with asthma.


Topping the CDC’s list of Common Asthma Triggers?

  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Dust Mites
  • Outdoor Air Pollution
  • Cockroach Allergen
  • Pets
  • Mold
  • Smoke From Burning Wood or Grass


But just like Michelle Obama’s trip to Target, it’s possible that Malia’s asthma will be repurposed by Obama at some point should a politically convenient opportunity arise.

Indiana’s RFRA and a Macro Perspective on the Culture Wars

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan on the April 1st, 2015

Tim Carney encapsulates the sentiment held by many on the right regarding the culture war fireworks with the recent outburst on the left over Indiana’s RFRA.

From gay marriage to abortion, the left has become unsatisfied with tolerance and even legal recognition of their positions. They now demand philosophical compliance and legal enforcement of their positions. Where once they requested respect and tolerance, they now extend neither.

Religious liberty is the terms of surrender the Right is requesting in the culture war. It is conservative America saying to the cultural and political elites, you have your gay marriage, your no-fault divorce, your obscene music and television, your indoctrinating public schools and your abortion-on-demand. May we please be allowed to not participate in these?

But no. Tolerance isn’t the goal. Religious conservatives must atone for their heretical views with acts of contrition: Bake me a cake, photograph my wedding, pay for my abortion and my contraception.

The CDC is Fundamentally Broken

Posted in Government,Government Incompetence & Waste,U.S. by Ryan on the October 17th, 2014
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a fundamentally broken organization and plans should be underway now for the replacement of its Director and any other senior leadership involved in decision making during the response to Ebola in the United States thus far.

The abject incompetence evident in the non-response to the first confirmed Ebola victim in the United States has exposed the absence of capability and adequate planning to deal with a contagious and deadly disease of any variety.

As a result of the CDC’s ineptitude and inaction, 2 nurses have contracted the disease and hundreds have been unwittingly exposed.

The nature of this inaction and lack of awareness betrays fundamental and inherent flaws in the CDC and its leadership. This inaction is so profound, it cannot be fixed while maintaining current leadership. A lack of planning and subsequent scenario management shows that new leadership at the CDC, or a new entity entirely ought to lead the charge against any future incidents of Ebola within the United States.

Reza Aslan’s Deflection

Posted in War on Terror,World by Ryan on the October 3rd, 2014

I’ve seen a few people on Facebook post Media Matter’s edited clip from CNN where Reza Aslan berates the anchors for conducting a “stupid” conversation that could be defined as “bigotry.” Simply because they use the same term Mahrer uses (we don’t know, Media Matters doesn’t show Mahrer’s comments), or introduced it themselves, to identify issues prevalent in many or all Muslim countries as issues prevalent in many or all Muslim countries.

My initial comment was as follows:

Accusing people of bigotry is pretty serious. Aslan drops it without caution, apparently because of a difference in semantics in how to identify numerous Muslim nations through which several common issues are prevalent, but not exclusive across all Muslim nations.

He brings up the point about Somalia. Aslan’s rebuttal is that outside of this no Muslim majority countries have female genital mutilation issues, yet simply googling shows the practice is heavily prevalent in Mali and other Muslim majority countries. In Mahrer’s comments themselves he says that 91% of Egyptian women have been subjected to genital mutilation. All over into Asian Muslim countries it is still practiced. Imams on the Maldives have even recently called for it to continue. The nation he first references as a “Christian nation” that has a FGM problem in Africa is Eritrea. 50% Christian. 48% Muslim.

Religion doesn’t promote violence or peace? It’s what people bring to it? Well, in the last few years, an awful lot of horribly violent people have been bringing violence to Islam.

1 year ago, I wrote a blog post about some of the awful things going on around the globe just that week. Just that single week. Mass murder in a mall in Kenya. Hostages in gun battles in the Phillipines. Villagers massacred in Nigeria. Scores killed in a church bombing in Pakistan. A common thread connected all these events.

I don’t paint with a broad brush, but the brush I paint with thinks critically, is logical, is educated and realistic.

I grew up here in the DC area. I went to school with Muslims. I cut the grass for the Iraqi family in my neighborhood as a teenager, an Iranian family lives down the street. My last job had a recent grad that started working there who was Muslim. We had some fun chats about Islam and Mormons and Ramadan and so forth over the summer. I took the “Islam and the Gospel” class at BYU. Served a mission where the Ottoman Empire had been and a residual minority of Muslims remain. I have clear eyes on weeding out bad apples from good apples and assessing the big picture. I think everyone is best served by truth and honesty in observing facts as they stand with regard to the profound issues at play in so many Muslim countries, and what the common variable is again, and again, and again, and again.

Rather than address the elephant in the room and agree that people should embrace liberal values that ensure freedom for people to act and think as they will, [Aslan] hammers the semantics of using the term, “Muslim countries.” This does little to persuade me that he actually cares about these issues and really cares about seeing them solved in the countries they plague. He reluctantly admits to them, but seems more keen to emphasize that the hosts are skirting bigotry and conducting a “stupid” conversation because they identify huge swaths of Muslim countries as “Muslim countries.”

What exactly does Aslan thinks connects the countries with these issues? Race? Language? Economics? Or religion?

Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

Posted in President Obama,War on Terror by Ryan on the June 2nd, 2014

As details unfold about Bowe Bergdahl’s return from Taliban custody, I’m struck at how this is similar to Benghazi. In the sense that it isn’t just a singularly bad event, but a multi-faceted debacle of several interconnected parts, none of which are positive.



Before: Multiple official requests for more security and precautions following security incidents went unheeded to the point of dereliction of duty on the part of those responsible within the State Department.

During: Limited or no substantive action was taken to respond in real time to requests for assistance during the hours long attack. Both this and the previous point resulted in the deaths of four Americans, most notably, an active United States Ambassador.

After: The Obama administration took the politically convenient route of affirmatively asserting that an internet video was to blame.



Before: Personal email and new statements from soldiers within his unit strongly suggest Bergdahl went AWOL from his base.

During: Several soldiers were killed during search and recovery operations and asset reassignment related to his disappearance.

After: The furthest reaching ramification I can think of from this entire event is the terrible precedent of exchanging several captives for a US service member. From now into the future, there can be a plausible expectation that the United States government will negotiate on these types of terms.




Controlling the Image

Posted in Government,President Obama,U.S. by Ryan on the May 13th, 2014

Interesting video about how the White House has denied access at times to control the image of the President.

This video references some of the images I include on my satirical Tumblr site,  It is exclusively dedicated to photos from the official @WhiteHouse and @BarackObama Twitter feeds intended to highlight other things, but just end up as hero shots of Obama.

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