Putting Iraq in Context

Posted in Iraq,War on Terror by Ryan on the October 31st, 2006

Lopsided Iraq Coverage

Posted in Iraq,Media Bias by Ryan on the October 26th, 2006

In a brief visit to CNN this morning, I find a video prominently featured on the homepage labeled, “Active duty troops speak out against Iraq war.”

A glimpse at the World section has an article titled, “Iraqi leader disputes U.S. account of raid on militia.”

And a quick visit to the Politics page features, “Bush acknowledges setbacks in Iraq.”

Nowhere on these main pages of did I see anything indicating that the United States Military is accomplishing military objectives.

Most hurtful and lopsided in my mind is the coverage of a minority of servicemen who don’t have the sense to leave the military when they disagree with a conflict. Rather, they use their service in the conflict to lend credibility to their opinions of National Security policy and propel them into the national spotlight. At least CNN obliges in doing this for them. Perhaps I should tell them I am going to write Congress and explain I support the war. Maybe I’ll be featured on a video on’s home page! Then again, they probably wouldn’t be caught dead with pro-war coverage, not even from US Soldiers who have served there.

Is this a law in every state yet?

Posted in Immigration,U.S. by Ryan on the October 21st, 2006
That is outrageous. How can you contest that requiring photo ID disenfranchises voters?

Thank goodness the Supreme Court is sensible in its ruling on this matter.