Humorous Comment by Harry Reid

Posted in Iraq,U.S. by Ryan on the April 24th, 2007

In an article at, Reid defended himself against comments made by Vice President Cheney regarding his position on the Iraq war by saying the following:

“I’m not going to get into a name calling match with the administration’s chief attack dog.”

I’m not sure if he meant to call Cheney a dog right at that moment.

Gun Control

Posted in U.S. by Ryan on the April 20th, 2007

I fail to fully comprehend the terrible events earlier this week at Virginia Tech and feel that I am perhaps too removed to fully explore the issue. Much like many of the deaths that occur tragically in America.

However, this event has expectedly prompted discussion of gun control. Counter argument articles at caught my eye.

One by Tom Plate and another by Ted Nugent.

Ted Nugent basically lays the anti-gun lobby arguments bare.

Thirty-two people dead on a U.S. college campus pursuing their American Dream, mowed-down over an extended period of time by a lone, non-American gunman in illegal possession of a firearm on campus in defiance of a zero-tolerance gun law. Feel better yet? Didn’t think so.

He outlines several examples of how gun ownership or know-how helped to prevent shootings from becoming massacres.

As someone posted in the comments to Tom Plate’s article, they questioned the actual reality of being able to limit guns in the US when we can’t even limit illegal drugs. I remember reading an article about Bruce Willis years ago in which he flatly states, “If guns were made illegal, then only bad guys would have them.”