Interesting Article about the Middle East & Islam

Posted in Iraq,War on Terror,World by Ryan on the June 21st, 2007

Check it out over at Real Clear Politics.

Outlines the many and varied conflicts and turmoil that exist and have existed in the Middle East. Sort of opens the eyes in a sense.

Darfur a victim of climate change?

Posted in World by Ryan on the June 17th, 2007

U.N. chief: Darfur a victim of climate change

Seems a rather far reaching claim.  Perhaps students aren’t doing as well on tests in the US because of climate change.  They just get drained playing soccer outside in that heat during recess…..?

 “Almost invariably, we discuss Darfur in a convenient military and political shorthand — an ethnic conflict pitting Arab militias against black rebels and farmers,” Ban wrote in The Washington Post. “Look to its roots, though, and you discover a more complex dynamic.”

Sure, climate change may be affecting the situation the people there face, but the problem is in fact a “military and political” problem.  There are numerous other reasons for conflict besides drought and bad weather.  Learning how to resolve those problems without violence…well, that would be the goal.

Lets figure you solve Global warming and we return the earth to a Democrat chosen temperature range.  Not only does that not alone solve whatever has driven people to kill in Sudan, but what do we do when the Sundanese start fighting over cattle herding rights?  Try to solve some sort of cattle problem so more Sudanese can have their own cattle?  No.  Civility and the rule of law must come before solving real or imagined causes for conflicts.