The Jena 6

Posted in U.S. by Ryan on the September 22nd, 2007

So this is interesting. Apparently these guys were charged about 9 months ago, but this “lightning rod” of an issue has suddenly become national news. Thank goodness Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are able to step away from whatever service they perform in society to provide moral direction on this…very recent incident.

The thing I don’t get is what moral ground the “modern civil rights” movement has to stand on. Are they angry that a 17 year old is in jail for beating an unconscious student on the ground with several others? Apparently the District Attorney has prosecuted him as being the one that conspired and/or incited the beating.

Bell is the only one of the six teenagers to stand trial so far. District Attorney Reed Walters tried him as an adult and won convictions on two charges.

Details are sparse in the few articles I’ve read, but it seems to boil down to a claim that since some white students got away with hanging nooses on a tree, black students should get away with physical assault. I really don’t see it as any different than that. One action is something you can prosecute, the other wasn’t.

UPDATE:  A most informative article I just found at RealClearPolitics.

CNN’s Beautiful Picture of Romney

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the September 20th, 2007

As any readers here know, I strongly lean towards Romney. So when I saw this article on CNN after watching the new commercial at MittTV, I was humored by CNN’s selection of image for Romney.

Here he is in the ad:

Romney in “Change Begins with Us” TV Ad

Here he is on

Romney on CNN Article about “Change Begins With Us”

You’d think they were running an article about Larry Craig or something.

Iraq is Confusing

Posted in Iraq,War on Terror by Ryan on the September 19th, 2007

Why does it seem like there is more outrage and media attention from Iraqis regarding this Blackwater incident than the fact that terrorists kill dozens of Iraqis every day?  The sole power keeping Iraq from destroying itself is utilizing a private company to provide military style services.  Why attack their legitimacy and ability to facilitate the safety and longevity of your nation because of an incident dwarfed by civil strife and killings of a massive scale?
Why the quick reaction?  If what many of them claim is true, and Blackwater mercilessly gunned down civilians unnecessarily, that is bad, yes.  But it just doesn’t seem likely.  Interesting to note that none of the articles I’ve read have any information on forensics or anything that would prove wrongdoing…by either side really.  But I’m no expert.  However, I do recognize the ability of terrorists to use the guise of civilians and policemen to get close to convoys or soldiers and then open fire.    If there are people found to be responsible, try them in court.  But why the heightened attention to this incident?  Is it just because this is someone new doing”the killing”?  And why no outrage towards the terrorists who actually started it dressed as civilians according to Blackwater?  This seems way more plausible.

Instead of trying to force the US to take the license to operate in Iraq from Blackwater, why don’t the Iraqis create a national mandate to take the license of life away from terrorists and then actually do it?