State of the Race

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the January 9th, 2008

So with 2 states down and a few more to go before February 5th, here is where we are at with the Republicans.  Iowa voted for Huckabee, and New Hampshire for McCain.  While I wouldn’t have much to complain about if Romney had won, it is interesting to note, as Hugh Hewitt does, that republican voters haven’t really decided any of the contests yet.  It is also interesting to note that Romney has the most delegates of all the candidates at this point, in a way proof of Huckabee’s and McCain’s inability to appeal in more than one of the 2 early states.

Iowa was decided by single issue evangelicals and New Hampshire by independents.  When there is a generic republican base of voters, we may see some other things given the liberal views and records of Huckabee and McCain.

McCain Reminds me of Gore in 2000

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the January 7th, 2008

Remember the debates between Gore and Bush back in 2000?  Gore could hardly contain himself in the first debate and would breathe heavily into the microphone and mumble while Bush was talking.  The second debate found a Gore so quiet and polite that it was scary.  Finally in the 3rd debate he was more casual and himself.  (It was like Goldilocks and the 3 bears…)

The New Hampshire debate Saturday found McCain rude and obnoxious with his jabs at Romney.  I heard several pundits talk about this that while McCain and others focused on the things they wanted to by attacking Romney, the image cast by McCain was his worst (and apparently common) side.

The debate yesterday was almost funny in how sedate McCain was.  He had obviously been told by advisers that acting the way he did in the first debate doesn’t help him and to just act presidential and dignified and hope the polls hold.  At times he seemed so timid that I turned to my brother and said, “McCain is acting like a dog that just got back from the vet after being neutered.”

Just like Gore in 2000, I find McCain of 2008 annoyingly unpredictable in something as straightforward as a debate.

New Hampshire Debate – Jan. 5, 2008

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the January 6th, 2008

Watching this debate further convinced me how lame these 30-60 second response debates are.

Someone says something, and then someone says its a lie.  The moderators never give enough time to really let the 2 people debate it.  It usually ends with someone getting the last say or whoever can come up with the best one-liner or zinger.

Sometimes they do get to the bottom of it though.  Fred Thompson’s question to Rudy was classic, “But do they get to stay in the country?”  Rudy kept defending his immigration plan, saying it wasn’t amnesty.  Thompson asked the same question 3 times in a row, laying bare a plan that allows people to stay, whatever the “penalty.”

Issues can be complicated and rarely can you get to the bottom of something with such short responses and no lasting debate allowed when there are still 6 people on the stage.  I’m not a fan of Ron Paul but with his poll numbers and fund raising, to exclude him seems so wrong.  However, 6 people still is just difficult.  Perhaps it is hopeless. 😐

Glenn Beck on Iowa

Posted in Election 2008,Media Bias by Ryan on the January 5th, 2008

Glenn Beck who recently got sick or something records himself as he recovers at home and watches the results of the Iowa Caucuses.

While I think one of the points he makes about evangelicals has been covered by the MSM, it certainly wasn’t covered in a way that it should have been.  Huckabee is lauded as a smart politician who secured an important demographic in Iowa, but they seem to leave it there without hammering the fact that that will never hold up once Giuliani, Romney, McCain, Thompson and Paul stop splitting the rest of the vote.

Watch Glenn here on his site. 

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