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While I’m not sure Obama was actually referring to Palin, I think it is clearly a gaffe worth recognizing.  Given the proximity of Palin’s very memorable “pit bull & lipstick” joke I think it odd that a candidate for President would enter such dangerous waters by even using such similar terminology.

Even though Obama, McCain and others have used the lipstick/pig thing before, its just far too awkward to be using it right now and he ought to acknowledge at least that much.   The thing that puts it over the top and where I can’t join Mike Huckabee in his “giving slack” to Obama is that he then goes, right after the pig comment, on to mention an “old fish” stinking.  With McCain’s age an obvious issue in this campaign, it is a very strange choice of words.  Blatantly pointed towards Palin & McCain?  Maybe not.  Strangely coincidental and stupid? Yes.

That’s not change. That’s just calling something the same thing something different. You know you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. You know you can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change, it’s still going to stink after eight years. We’ve had enough of the same old thing.

Yes Obama, it was foolish to say those things.

Anita Dunn and Obama’s Dreamy Existence

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Check out what Anita Dunn, Obama adviser, said about Mitt Romney’s jab at Michelle Obama:

“Barack Obama has said that families are ‘off-limits’, and we thought that John McCain agreed,” Obama adviser Anita Dunn said. “But tonight, John McCain’s handpicked attack dog, Mitt Romney, exposed the fake outrage that the Republicans have been peddling all week as the blatant hypocrisy that it is.”

“The McCain team’s disgusting attack on Barack Obama’s wife shows they would rather generate false outrage to distract from their own problems than talk about the issues facing the American people,” Dunn said. “Mitt Romney’s attack on a candidate’s wife is as pathetic as his failed presidential campaign.”

False outrage?  Is this adviser actually comparing Michelle Obama to Bristol Palin?  Her boss is running for President of the United States? Needs a New Photo Editor

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Less than an hour after Palin finishes her speech, has this image on their homepage.  Come on CNN, are you that lame?



Looks like it has since gotten replaced.

Cambell Brown Cannot Hide Her Bias

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Hat tip to Matt Lewis.

I actually watched this segment on CNN and my blood got boiling as she was sitting there saying these things to the McCain spokesman:

Tucker, though, this obviously putting this young woman, Bristol Palin smack in the media spotlight at what’s already got to be a very challenging time in her life. I mean, how do you respond to people who wonder why her mother would have subjected her to this scrutiny by accepting this high-profile position?

Here is the youtube video.

This is after Obama had said to leave the Palin story alone.  Brown herself admits that such should be the case in a perfect world but then, she says, in reality this will be scrutinized.  It’s almost like she was saying, “Yeah, decent people would leave this alone but since CNN has become a sleazy and tabloidish arm of the Obama campaign, I’m going to press the point again and again.”

I’ve noticed her more than once totally twisting questions and discussions in favor of her point of view which conveniently lines up with Obama’s.  Really silly and as Matt Lewis at says,

This is irresponsible journalism, to say the least — and a further example of liberal bias which is permeating most cable news networks these days.

Besides the part about the pregnant daughter the spokesman was asked about Palin’s experience as David Gergen continued his assault on Palin as a Vice-Presidential pick.  McCain needs someone that can hit back instead of just answering questions through deflection.  To Cambell Brown’s credit, she asked the only admissable question and that is, “Since McCain made experience an issue, particuarly foreign policy experience, how do you defend his selection of Palin?”  I would think you’d bluntly state the fact that Palin is running for vice-president or something else…maybe about her being Governor from a state with 2 international borders and matters she handled in that regard?  Instead he mentions talking points about the Alaska National Guard and Cambell Brown presses him to say one thing she decided as head of the Alaska National Guard.  Fortunately he didn’t freeze up and say what that Obama person did a few months back but I think that hes got to be quicker on his feet.  He kind of fumbled out a couple of answers about making decisions but couldn’t actually name a specific one to silence and embarass Brown.

Other questions about Palin’s experience in general though are hilarious considering the top of the Obama/Biden ticket.  Here is a vice-presidential candidate that has not aspired to high office and you want to compare that to a first term senator who has already written his own memoirs?