Arizona/Palin Synopsis

Posted in Media Bias,U.S. by Ryan on the January 14th, 2011

Allahpundit says it all.

My point this week, though, and Ace’s point at his site, has been that this episodeisn’t business as usual. This isn’t some standard “Palin’s using rhetorical dog whistles for her Christian base!” attack. This is a congresswoman bleeding out of her head on the sidewalk with six bodies lying around her, one of them a little girl, and Palin being blamed for it instantly. And yet according to Keith Ellison, the proper response here should have been to validate that accusation by implication by saying, gee, yeah, I guess I should have toned it down. I’m not known for being a Palin fan (as, er, any actual Palin fan could tell you) and even I can’t contain my indignation at the charge. And yet she’s supposed to just mellow out and take it because political reporters who won’t flatly correct the record for their readers think it’s bad “optics” to do otherwise? Unbelievable.

UPDATE: Ace makes equally awesome points in his wrap up linked to in the above.

We are now debating — quite seriously, or we’re supposed to be quite serious about debating this — whether Sarah Palin can use martial imagery in her speech, even though everyone in politics does this, including the very media now assuring us this is all a terrible thing. And we are supposed to have this very serious debate while our opponents in the debate are simply making things up, or, more accurately: We are supposed to indulge our opponents’ retreat to a fantasy world they’ve constructed, and not disrupt their fantasy too much, because, who knows, Paul Krugman might snap if we do.