Billions of Dollars, and for What?

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan on the March 24th, 2011

Really makes you wonder.

Air traffic safety is under increased scrutiny by federal authorities following an incident in which two passenger jets landed without controller assistance at Reagan National Airport because no one could be reached in the airport tower.

Responding to the incident, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement that he has directed FAA to put two air traffic controllers on the midnight shift at Reagan National.

“It is not acceptable to have just one controller in the tower managing air traffic in this critical air space,” LaHood said. Reagan National is located in Northern Virginia just across the Potomac River from Washington.

Strange.  It makes you question where the money goes.  How much does the FAA official that writes the rules make?  They seriously don’t have a specific 24/7 stipulation in place for the airport a scant 3 miles from the Capitol and White House?

Toilet & Lightbulb Throwdown

Posted in Climate Change,Government,U.S. by Ryan on the March 11th, 2011

A great segment of video showing Rand Paul blast Kathleen Hogan, a deputy assistant at the Energy Department. He outlines the hypocrisy of those that fiercely advocate a woman’s right to choose, yet support restrictions that force compact fluorescent light bulbs and low capacity toilets upon consumers.

While I’m sure all conservation policies are not a bad thing, I am still confused why we would do away with harmless (but inefficient) light bulbs in favor of twirled tubes full of toxic mercury vapor. And put them in every home in America.

You would think this conservation crowd would have warmed up to nuclear power already.

An Actor in Congress

Posted in World by Ryan on the March 9th, 2011

Affleck before congress to discuss issues in Congo.

I was surprised at his delivery of prepared remarks.  This is a seasoned actor we’re watching, right?

Certainly nothing compared to his fine parody on Olbermann.

Future Fuels

Posted in Climate Change by Ryan on the March 1st, 2011

An encouraging article about a company that claims to have produced an organism that can turn CO2 and light energy into diesel fuel.  I want to believe that such breakthroughs are inevitable and will impact our lives within the decade.  This certainly is a step in the right direction, if not for a full on red flag stumble along the way.

Joule was founded in 2007. In the last year, it’s roughly doubled its employees to 70, closed a $30 million second round of private funding in April and added John Podesta, former White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, to its board of directors.

Podesta’s involvement casts doubt in my mind for some reason…maybe it has something to do with his fondness for Van Jones.

I want this kind of technology to work, but I almost wonder if some of that delicious government “investment” finds its way to their coffers in the next while.