What Are You Waiting For?

Posted in U.S. by Ryan on the October 21st, 2011

So the Occupy Wall Street protests have found “allies in ranks of the wealthy.”

If these people feel that government is the best vehicle for their wealth to help others, why have they not already given their wealth to the government? Let alone just giving their money away to charity or using it to fill whatever needs they perceive.  The irony that strikes me is that although they advocate forcing others to give up more of their wealth, they haven’t yet done it themselves.

Of the sampled group that is quoted, they appear to have all inherited their wealth.  I wonder how representative this is of the 1% that are “joining the ranks.”

Farhad A. Ebrahimi, 33,….inherited wealth…
Burke Stansbury, a 35-year-old….He inherited a little more than $1 million and stands to inherit more….
Elspeth Gilmore, a 33-year-old….raised in a life of privilege….
Leah Hunt-Hendrix, a 28-year-old….She believes her family would be at the upper end of the 1 percent….

If you wanted to make a compelling statement about supporting OWS as a member of the 1%, I’d recommend the following criteria:

  1. Actually have worked and earned your money
  2. Have given away your wealth already