60 Jobs and “Saved Lives”

Posted in U.S. by Ryan on the March 3rd, 2009

Obama is trumpeting the news that 60 jobs (you read it right, 60 jobs) have been created to help resurface a road in Montgomery County, Maryland, the county I grew up in.  While I find it comical to mention this number as an accomplishment, obviously he is pointing to the speed with which this stimulus bill is having effect.  To me it seems like more of a miracle that legislation passed so recently actually made it through the red tape to getting spent already.  I suppose the bill was written with that goal, but goodness knows that we’ll be hearing horror stories about how some of the money was spent in this frenzied fashion.

If the government can’t account for millions during a “non-crisis” time, who knows what will happen when we’ve got hundreds of billions burning a hole in our pocket.

But Obama doesn’t disappoint, he goes on to talk about deaths on roads and somehow accounts 14,000 to poorly maintained roads.  Really Mr. President?  This stimulus bill is going to save lives on roads because there won’t be pot holes?  Or maybe the lines weren’t painted well and during a rainstorm someone drove off the side of the road?

Thank goodness Obama and crew are here to save us from ourselves!

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