Alan Keyes on Immigration

Posted in Immigration by Ryan on the August 12th, 2006

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Alan Keyes speak on the subject of immigration. I was surprised to find his style of speaking so entertaining. His ability to ask self-imposed questions that were straightforward and lightly humorous contrasted with his furious and well articulated declarations of logical thought and sound principle.

Until then, I hadn’t been particularly confident in my advocacy of securing the border either with the military or a fence. Some of the excellent (and blatantly obvious) points that were made included:

“If you want to have a country, you need to know where the borders are.  That is a prerequisite to having a nation.”

It is so basic, it shouldn’t even need to be mentioned. Borders are a prerequisite for having a nation.

“How can you process and keep track of people coming across the border [with new guest worker programs] if you don’t control the border.”

This was by far the most powerful thing I came away with. If you have a nation, you need to keep track of who is in it. How can you if you don’t have a border of order and control and literally millions are pouring across?

“If the basement is flooded, the first thing I would do is turn off the water.  It is going to be a lot easier to bail the basement out then.”

Instead of trying to figure out what to do with all the water, take care of what is causing it.

“Immigrants coming across need to be participants in the American Experiment, not exploiters of American wealth.”

-nor can we be exploiters of cheap labor as though they were beasts of burden
America is more than an economic opportunity. It is a great human experiment (according to the founders) to see if men can govern themselves without force and chance.

“When you are the exceptional country, you could be dragged down to the level of others in that type of globalization.”

More good is done by being a city on a hill, rather than opening the flood gates.

While these quotes are not exact, they communicate the main points made by Alan Keyes during his address.

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