Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

Posted in President Obama,War on Terror by Ryan on the June 2nd, 2014

As details unfold about Bowe Bergdahl’s return from Taliban custody, I’m struck at how this is similar to Benghazi. In the sense that it isn’t just a singularly bad event, but a multi-faceted debacle of several interconnected parts, none of which are positive.



Before: Multiple official requests for more security and precautions following security incidents went unheeded to the point of dereliction of duty on the part of those responsible within the State Department.

During: Limited or no substantive action was taken to respond in real time to requests for assistance during the hours long attack. Both this and the previous point resulted in the deaths of four Americans, most notably, an active United States Ambassador.

After: The Obama administration took the politically convenient route of affirmatively asserting that an internet video was to blame.



Before: Personal email and new statements from soldiers within his unit strongly suggest Bergdahl went AWOL from his base.

During: Several soldiers were killed during search and recovery operations and asset reassignment related to his disappearance.

After: The furthest reaching ramification I can think of from this entire event is the terrible precedent of exchanging several captives for a US service member. From now into the future, there can be a plausible expectation that the United States government will negotiate on these types of terms.




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