I Wonder…

Posted in Climate Change by Ryan on the February 27th, 2010

Is it possible that Anthropogenic Global Warming advocates are somehow trying to think of a way to link the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile with climate change?

I kid, I kid.

Fight Global Warming. Kill Your Dog.

Posted in Climate Change,World by Ryan on the December 22nd, 2009

I think that as stories like this become more and more prevalent, people might start to question how hard they are willing to go to fight anthropogenic global warming.  I feel quite strongly that those dedicated to “saving the planet” are fighting a losing battle.  Instead of a win-win, its a lose-lose.  Not only are they not going to get humans to return to hunter/gatherer status to actually cut carbon emissions to a level that can affect the planet (or so we are told we ought to), but in the process of trying to cut emissions at least some, it is just going to cost a lot in lost productivity, money or quality of life.  All of it without really changing global warming all that much.  Or will it?  Oh, right.  No one really knows.

In other news, the Washinton DC metro area just had the biggest December snowstorm on record.

Synthetic Trees

Posted in Climate Change,U.S.,World by Ryan on the December 10th, 2009

Seems like a fascinating approach to easing the transition to renewable sources of energy.  Scrubbing it out of the air with “synthetic trees.”

I’d heard about scrubbing ideas before, but I had never heard about them being close to production.

If you were to install 10 million of them, you would pull back on the order of 3.6 gigatons of C02 a year. The world right now produces 30 gigatons of C02 a year. In 2006, the world made 73 million cars. They are comparable in size, and ultimately comparable in cost.

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