Shooting First and Aiming Later

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President Obama takes a full swipe at Romney with this statement in the wake of Romney’s criticism of the Obama Administration’s handling of the Cairo Embassy’s confusing condemnation of “hurtful” free speech:

 “There’s a broader lesson to be learned here,” Mr. Obama told “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft at the White House. “And I — you know, Governor Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later.”

One is left to wonder, what does “aiming before you shoot” look like then? Apparently like this:

Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths.  We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.  But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence.  None.  The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.

So Obama says that Romney is mixed up in his awareness of the facts, after he just delivered the exact same message his administration disavowed and that Governor Romney is criticizing.

Mr. President, it doesn’t matter if you say how unacceptable violence is, if you criticize “hurtful speech” in the same breath, you are tacitly justifying the violence.

As Governor Romney put it:

I spoke out when the key fact that I referred to was known, which was that the Embassy of the United States issued what appeared to be an apology for American principles. That was a mistake. And I believe that when a mistake is made of that significance, you speak out.

Running Games in a Major Metropolitan Area

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After the “disconcerting” kerfuffle, I can’t help but grin as the London Olympics gets a couple black eyes that I think anyone would be disconcerted by.  And to think that this is “one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world” and not the “middle of nowhere.”



One Hundred Seventeen

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President Obama last convened his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness back in January.  In the meantime, he has attended 117 fundraisers.


Pray for Bo

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All-Encompassingly has a great post with a video I made with them about the Obama’s dog Bo.  Obama wrote in the 1990s about eating dog meat in Indonesia as a cultural norm and adventurous part of his childhood. I await interest in the story to reach the levels that “Seamus atop Romney’s car” achieved.

In the meantime, we’re encouraging all those that love dogs to pray for Bo.

White House Dog Chronicles: Volumes I through IV

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Volume I:


Volume II:


Volume III:


Volume IV:

Obama Ate Dog

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The fact of the matter is, Obama ate dog.  And he, as an adult, wrote about it in his book.  Not as an animal rights issue, but as a culinary one.

This is What a Small Political Nuclear Explosion Looks Like

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Small only because of the Defcon 1 damage control:

President Obama
There’s no tougher job than being a mom. Anybody who would argue otherwise, I think, probably needs to rethink their statement.

Michelle Obama
Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected. –mo

Jim Messina
I could not disagree with Hilary Rosen any more strongly. Her comments were wrong and family should be off limits. She should apologize.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Disappointed in @hilaryr ‘s comments. As a mother of 3 there’s no doubt that raising children is work.

David Axelrod
Also Disappointed in Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney. They were inappropriate and offensive.

But still nuclear because of this kind of reaction:



You can see why team Obama ran from this faster than most people even learned about it.

Super Tuesday & Expectations

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From the headlines and network analysis, you would get the impression that Mitt Romney didn’t have a very good night.  In reality, he won a majority of the contests, placing 1st in 6 of 10 states, 2nd in 3 and 3rd only in 1.

The narrative is that he somehow isn’t connecting with people, even though he now has more delegates than all the other candidates combined. And then some.  I think it is safe to say that Romney doesn’t have a “connection” problem, he has an “expectations” problem.  Expectations seem to have become Romney’s biggest challenge.

Some might argue that his inability to seal the nomination somehow represents a problem, irregardless of the fact that the current occupant of the White House was mired in a contested primary for months before becoming the nominee.

So when you take a step back and objectively look at what happened last night, Romney won the state that all eyes were on.  The rest of the races were essentially a wash.  Romney won everything he was expected to, with the exception of swapping North Dakota for Alaska, and Santorum won everything he was expected to.  And Gingrich of course won his home state of Georgia which really opens the path to the nomination for him because…..he has more delegates than Ron Paul or something.

A pattern has really emerged this cycle.  Romney is so far and away more polished, prepared, organized and funded than other candidates, that it isn’t that he can’t quite seal the deal with the voters, but instead he can’t seal the deal with the media that expects near perfection from him.  If he wins a state like Washington or Arizona by a huge margin, it is simple victory, unworthy of much attention.  If he barely wins his home state like Michigan, it is a near catastrophic miss.  And if he barely wins a swing state like Ohio, he apparently has fundamental problems with his campaign.

In every scenario presented, Romney wins, and yet, the reluctance to give him his due is palpable.  It is as though there is a new normal wherein Romney must pad with a sizable margin or else risk discredit for the victory.

If Romney wins the White House this November, expect the following possible headlines from these same political analysts and pundits distressed at how to explain Romney’s victory:

Thin Margin of Victory Raises Questions Over Mandate to Govern
Romney Won, But Unfavorables Still an Issue
Mitt’s Triumph Overshadowed by Narrow Win
Romney Wins, but do Voters Trust Him?

The media loves a horse race I suppose.

Predictions for the Coming Month

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Santorum is riding a bit of a wave.  That much is obvious.  However, we’ve been here before.  Romney always seems to be just beyond the grasp of locking up the nomination, only to hit another snag and endure a week or more of someone being elevated to “contender” status.  If you look at the polling trends here, you will see a pattern that has only been broken once before.

Throughout the campaign, someone has consistently risen above Romney, only to plummet down again to allow another candidate to repeat the process.  Gingrich broke this trend by rising, falling, then rising again.  And now instead of Gingrich getting a second go at it, it is Santorum who was originally trending upward following the Iowa caucuses.
It seems that now that Santorum is the major national contender to Romney, one thing will most certainly happen.  He will be scrutinized more and more over the next couple of weeks, and everything that most people don’t know about him, will be revealed.

If you look at the polls coming out, Santorum is only polling a few points ahead of Romney nationally.  Unless he continues to trend upwards, he ought to be very concerned given the pattern into which he is now playing perhaps the final part.  Can he break the cycle and actually rise above Romney consistently over the coming weeks and months, or will he drop about as quickly as he rose?

I read an interesting post this morning that suggests to me that the more thorough vetting he never received earlier in the campaign is well underway.  And it doesn’t paint a rosy picture of him, or of the Tea Party that is helping fuel his rise.

Santorum has surged among Republican voters who as recently as 2010 claimed to oppose earmarks, big government, and over-regulation.

Rick Santorum passionately defends earmarks, even today. There has been no come-to-Jesus moment for the unrepentant former Senator and Congressman, who during his 16 years inside the Beltway racked up a $1 billion in earmarks. During that time, Santorum sided with Democrats to block cuts to federally-funded food stamps programs and to raise the minimum wage. He sought (and got) money for “green” projects in Pennsylvania and, among numerous other wasteful votes, voted for the Bridge to Nowhere.

Gingrich Buzz Words of the Week

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Current words getting heavy usage include:

  “Fundamentally dishonest,” “establishment,” “factually” etc…

Also, in the boilerplate talking points, Gingrich has swapped some common phrases for others:

  In: Massachusetts Liberal
  Out: Massachusetts Moderate

  In: Wall Street Money
  Out: Millionaire Friends

  In: Bold Ideas
  Out: Reagan Conservative 

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