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I will never understand people, like Christopher Walker, that join the military and then publicly announce their desertion.  What a shameful thing to do, breaking one’s word and abandoning one’s unit.

“…and I figured if I were to go back to Iraq and do something again that’s contrary to my belief structure, I wouldn’t be really able to live with myself.”

Really Christopher?  You know what would keep me up at night?  Wondering what was happening to my fellow unit members that I deserted despite my commitment to a term of service at a time of war.

Al Qaeda in Iraq

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Here is the excerpt from an article at

Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama engaged in a pointed exchange over al Qaeda in Iraq today. Obama had said in a debate Tuesday that he’d strike al Qaeda if it established a base in Iraq. McCain responded that al Qaeda already is in Iraq, and Obama countered that al Qaeda came to Iraq only after the U.S. invaded.

So Obama admits Al Qaeda is in Iraq…but what do we do now Barack?

Iraq is Confusing

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Why does it seem like there is more outrage and media attention from Iraqis regarding this Blackwater incident than the fact that terrorists kill dozens of Iraqis every day?  The sole power keeping Iraq from destroying itself is utilizing a private company to provide military style services.  Why attack their legitimacy and ability to facilitate the safety and longevity of your nation because of an incident dwarfed by civil strife and killings of a massive scale?
Why the quick reaction?  If what many of them claim is true, and Blackwater mercilessly gunned down civilians unnecessarily, that is bad, yes.  But it just doesn’t seem likely.  Interesting to note that none of the articles I’ve read have any information on forensics or anything that would prove wrongdoing…by either side really.  But I’m no expert.  However, I do recognize the ability of terrorists to use the guise of civilians and policemen to get close to convoys or soldiers and then open fire.    If there are people found to be responsible, try them in court.  But why the heightened attention to this incident?  Is it just because this is someone new doing”the killing”?  And why no outrage towards the terrorists who actually started it dressed as civilians according to Blackwater?  This seems way more plausible.

Instead of trying to force the US to take the license to operate in Iraq from Blackwater, why don’t the Iraqis create a national mandate to take the license of life away from terrorists and then actually do it?

Interesting Article about the Middle East & Islam

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Check it out over at Real Clear Politics.

Outlines the many and varied conflicts and turmoil that exist and have existed in the Middle East. Sort of opens the eyes in a sense.

Tenet’s Book Put in its Place

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Charles Krauthammer writes an article at about George Tenet’s new book.

One of the more compelling I’ve read in a while.  In a few short paragraphs he puts Iraq in context and hammers the arguments of those that are now vehemently questioning the reasons for going to war.

Humorous Comment by Harry Reid

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In an article at, Reid defended himself against comments made by Vice President Cheney regarding his position on the Iraq war by saying the following:

“I’m not going to get into a name calling match with the administration’s chief attack dog.”

I’m not sure if he meant to call Cheney a dog right at that moment.

Iran: A Growing Problem

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Not only did the Holocaust not happen in Ahmadinejad’s mind, but America is only full of lies!
The US should come down hard on Iran. If they are messing with our troops, we should mess them up. Way to go Bush.
This kind of Iran has little to offer the world. They simply threaten to heighten their terror if provoked.

The best way to fight Terror?

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Leave!  (or so say the Democrats)

One would expect a decent plan or something when so heavily criticizing the President’s plan.  However, it appears the only plan is to leave because…it is hard.

Hook, Line and Sinker

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Prominently featured as the main article on yahoo!, this article consists of an interview with Ehren Watada.

First Lieutenant Ehren Watada still refuses Iraq deployment orders, calling the war illegal. A six-year prison term could result. Preliminary hearings are set for Thursday.

Some of his unimpressive answers were silimar to the following:

SITES (journalist): Tell me how those views evolved. How did you come to that conclusion?

WATADA: I think the facts are out there, they’re not difficult to find, they just take a little bit of willingness and interest on behalf of anyone who is willing to seek out the truth and find the facts. All of it is in the mainstream media. But it is quickly buried and it is quickly hidden by other events that come and go. And all it takes is a little bit of logical reasoning.

Indeed, it is so available to the seekers of truth that even you, Watada, cannot give a tangible description of the “facts.”

All I can say is, “Great job Democrats! You got this guy hook, line and sinker!”

Putting Iraq in Context

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