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Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the February 4th, 2008

The democratic debate was being rerun on CNN and I watched for a bit and realized that both Hillary Clinton and John McCain cannot control their faces at debates.  This is in all seriousness.  They both smirk and smile while opponents make points or rebut claims.  It is as if they are childishly relishing the chance to spring their next sound bite at the moderator & audience.  Now I say they cannot control them.  I may be wrong and they instead are trying to follow Al Gore’s first try at a national debate with George Bush back in 2000 when he was so obnoxious his deliberate gasps and breathing were audible over George Bush’s responses.

Obama & Romney on the other hand seem to have a dignified air about them that lends them a much more distinguished and presidential look.

Judge for yourself.  I took some screen grabs from the last debate for each party and these images really capture the behavior of each candidate.  I find it humorous how similar McCain & Clinton are in terms of smiling & smirking when their opponent discusses the issues they disagree on.  These aren’t random grabs.  If you watched the debates you know how true this is.  The extended smirks and smiles are indicative of the personalities that McCain & Clinton embody.  It turns me (and hopefully others) off.

Here is Hillary:

Clinton Debate Smile 2

Clinton Debate Smile 1

And then McCain: 

McCain Debate Smirk 1

McCain Debate Smirk 2

And to contrast…

Here is Obama:

Obama Debate Presidential 1

Obama Debate Presidential 2

And here is Romney:

Romney Debate Presidential 1

Romney Debate Presidential 2b

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