Competence and Experience

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the December 18th, 2007

So Mike Huckabee wants to be President of the United States of America.  He claims he has the experience to do it.

Yet one of the best indicators, in my mind, of determining if someone can manage that kind of stress and high paced environment is their campaign.

A Politico article mentions his not having heard of the NIE earlier this month.

The shoestring operation explains why, in part, Huckabee was unaware when Politico asked earlier this month about a recent intelligence report on Iran’s nuclear program, though it topped the news for more than a day.

“If I was running his campaign at that point in time, the moment something like that breaks you have someone traveling with him briefed,” Rollins said. “In the course of the day you have an hourly contact with your candidate.”

Good for Huckabee for getting someone that actually knows how to organize a run for the presidency.  But 1 month before Iowa? Is this not a glaring example of less than stellar understanding of how to run a campaign, let alone a country?  Huckabee criticizes Bush for a lack of planning on Iraq, yet he is the epitome of someone with lots of talk, not as much competent execution.

The inevitable argument Huckabee’s camp would make is that money is coming out of Romney’s ears.  Yes.  And most of it donated by Romney supporters.  In fact, Romney is just about tied with Rudy Giuliani for most money raised among Republicans.  $44 million.  Thats before any personal money.  The road to the White House isn’t all words.  If you can’t accept that, you should probably not run.  If you want to be President, you need to execute your campaign with the same competence, foresight and efficiency with which you will manage a future administration.

Doubt creeps into my mind when Huckabee cannot even get an aide at his side whispering up to date news headlines throughout the day.  Until now.

Weeks until Iowa votes: 2 1/2

Weeks Huckabee has had a competent campaign manager: less than 1

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