Education We Can Believe In

Posted in Election 2008,Media Bias by Ryan on the February 10th, 2009

So we’ve been told that Obama has assembled some of the best “brain power” we’ve seen in a long time.

Apparently the new Secretary of Education might have forgotten to terminate abusive teachers in the Chicago Public Schools he was responsible for.  At least it’s not as embarrassing as unpaid taxes.

CBS 2 informed former Chicago Public School CEO Arne Duncan of our investigative findings shortly before he was promoted to U.S. Secretary of Education.

“If someone hits a student, they are going to be fired. It’s very, very simple,” Duncan said.


But that’s not what happened under Duncan’s watch. Of the 568 verified cases, only 24 led to termination. Records show one teacher who quote “battered students for several years” was simply given a “warning” by the Board of Education.

Hat tip: Dr. Richard Kimball

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