Gems from Meghan McCain

Posted in President Obama,U.S. by Ryan on the March 24th, 2009

Larry King recently interviewed Meghan McCain, who has been in the press recently.  Inspired by this post at, I’ve pulled a few gems out to share.

On whether Obama is becoming overexposed with too much media attention?

Meghan McCain: I think he is on the verge of it. I do think you have to be careful. But it is a different generation. [My] generation … we like our celebrities. And I think that he realizes that because he is very much a Generation Y president. However, he is on the risk of alienating his older followers.


On social issues:

Meghan McCain: I believe in gay marriage. … I personally am pro-life, but I’m not going to judge someone that’s pro-choice. It is not my place to judge other people and what they do with their body.

Maybe a fuller explanation would indicate I’m wrong with my assumption about her position, but isn’t being pro-life mean that you do judge and want to limit what others do with their bodies?  Pro-choice being exactly the opposite, advocating a woman’s right to choose.

On the “war of words” with Laura Ingraham:

McCain: I had never heard of her before until this happened.

Enough said.

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  1. doug said, on March 25th, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    The only thing I have been able to glean from Meghan McCain’s appearances is that she wants the GOP to be “cool.” I can’t understand anything else.

  2. Ryan said, on March 27th, 2009 at 3:25 am

    Yeah. Does she know that John McCain is her father?

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