Illegal Immigrants

Posted in Immigration,U.S. by Ryan on the October 18th, 2007

So I’ve had this idea that is no doubt not new, but I have started of thinking of settling into.  (I sound sure don’t I?)

There is all this talk about how we can’t possibly ever send people that are residing here illegally back to their native countries.  Giuliani says it can’t be prosecuted simply due to the large number.  While I don’t think that we should ever run around with buses and chase millions of people down, I see no reason to allow people to stay indefinitely.

I heard Newt Gingrich give a speech about immigration about a year and a half ago in which he says that we essentially had established a social contract with immigrants by not hindering their entrance and residency in our country.  We were in essence saying, “Sure, come to the U.S.  We aren’t going to try very hard to stop you at the border, nor will be punish those that hire you.”  With this in mind, I think it is fair to treat all immigrants not as criminals, but similar to those that get work visas.

This way, we don’t have try to accomplish something short of a deportation crisis, but we don’t grant amnesty.  I think that it would be a very fitting level of legality to bestow on people that have entered our nation unlawfully.  We simply need to take a step back, reasonably fix what has happened and move on.  Get people ID cards, determine how much longer they can stay and then start cracking down on employers.  Over the course of several years, millions of illegals will slowly leave the system and the incentive to stay or return is eliminated.

I’ve lived in Bulgaria for a couple of years and know that scores apply to come to the U.S. but only some actually get to.  One guy I knew in particularly was extraordinarily bright, spoke fluent English and would do nothing but contribute here.  I agree with those that say it is literally not fair to allow people to flow across our borders while denying others simply because they want to lawfully enter this country.  It is unethical.

Finally, about the border.  I don’t care if it is a giant wall, tens of thousands of extra border guards or effective technologically equipment.  We simply need to seal the hole in our sovereignty.

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