Its the Clinton & Obama Show!

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the March 1st, 2008

Seen the the 2 “sleeping children” ads that both Clinton and Obama have released?

Here is Clinton’s:

And then Obama’s response:

And here are John Dickerson’s thoughts over at about Clinton’s ad:

The ad asks which candidate has faced the extended pressure of a crisis that might prepare him or her for the far larger pressures and crises he or she will face as president. I love this question and am glad the Clinton team raised it. The problem is that they’re not so great at answering.

The most interesting and telling part of it is the link to a telephone conversation the author had with the Clinton camp. The conversation was so very revealing about how inflated Clinton’s “experienced” image is.

More obvious to a critical viewer is how they cherry pick “credible experience.” There is this aura of experience that surrounds Clinton due to her time in the Senate and before that the White House. “Day one” anyone? However, despite a few years in the Senate, indeed on the Arms Services Committee, I think the White House claim is, as Obama points out, hard to follow. The Clinton camp attributes her time there as “credible experience.” Yet on things like NAFTA, that isn’t the argument, rather, she was not a part of the administration nor its policies. A very gaping double standard.

Obama at the same time is still struggling to define what would justify military action in the future while neglecting those same justifications in the present.

I actually think that McCain has a fair chance against either of them this fall.

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