Liberals: “More of anything is good.”

Posted in U.S. by Ryan on the February 28th, 2009

The new Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan (of school beating fame), has had a brilliantly original liberal idea:

Education Chief Favors Longer School Year

Problem as he sees it: US Students aren’t performing as well as they could.
Solution as he sees it: Keep students in school longer.

It is unrefreshing to see someone come to Washington and think that the problem with schools is that students aren’t there long enough.  Liberals are so stupid as to actually address problems in this manner.  Instead of actually identifying the real problems of incompetent teachers, horrible educational bureaucracies and teacher unions, liberals just want to throw more money at a problem.

 Duncan said he feels “a real sense of urgency” to implement national education reform.

“Our children in this country have one chance at education. One chance. We can’t wait. We can’t wait seven or eight years. We’ll lose a generation of kids,” Duncan said. “And so we have to get better; we have to get better now.”

Hey! Since we’re in a recession and tax revenues will be low, this is THE opportunity to expand the Department of Education’s budget and oversight.  Along with other federal government priorities such as volcano monitoring…

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  1. doug said, on March 1st, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Steve Jobs had it right. Get rid of the teachers unions as they exist today.

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