New Arizona Law

Posted in Immigration,U.S. by Ryan on the April 28th, 2010

In thinking about the law that was recently passed in Arizona, it seems that many of the things being talked about are just false facades to the underlying debate.  That being that you are either for open borders, or you are against open borders.  From that discussion, you can then move into what to do about the millions already over the border, if you’re able to get that far…

Arguing that this law will lead to unlawful racial profiling is not what it is really about.  If it were, there would be more talk about proposed solutions from those opposed to the bill.  They would be saying:

“This law will lead to racial profiling.  We can think of better ways to solve the issue of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in our state without possible profiling, and here it is: [ ENTER PROPOSED SOLUTION HERE ].”

I’m not holding my breath though because in their view, there is no issue to solve.  My impression is that opponents of the law simply have no desire to allow the United States to assert its sovereignty and treat unlawful residents like, well, unlawful residents.

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