Obama and Abortion

Posted in President Obama,U.S. by Ryan on the May 19th, 2009

Obama’s recent visit to Notre Dame certainly stirred up emotions on the issue of abortion.  I agree with many that it is fine to honor the office of the President of the United States and have Obama come speak at any university.  The bestowal of an honorary doctorate however, seems out of place.  I think ASU said it best when they opted to not award an honorary degree.

The university decided against awarding Obama the degree because it is customarily awarded for “lifetime achievement,” ASU spokeswoman Sharon Keeler told POLITICO.

“It’s normally awarded to someone who has been in their field for some time,” she said. “Considering that the president is at the beginning of his presidency, his body of work is just beginning.”

People will always disagree on different political issues, but abortion is something that steps beyond the plain old arguments of what the government ought to do with tax dollars.  Instead, it involves the most profound and fundamental actions we take with regard to the moral and ethical issue of life.  For Notre Dame to award a doctorate to someone that “talks out of both sides of his mouth” on the issue just doesn’t make sense.

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