Obama Wants to Cut Taxes for Hookers

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the August 29th, 2008

Jonah Goldberg nails my sentiments regarding the democratic national convention and the theme emerging for Obama/Biden ’08.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, borrowing a line from Obama, complained that John McCain wants to give “$4 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil?”

No. McCain wants to lower the corporate tax rate to make us more competitive with our rivals. Yes, oil companies are included — but by this logic (as my colleague Ramesh Ponnuru notes), Obama’s middle-class tax cut will be a tax break for hookers and serial killers.

My previous post hits on this next part:

 …a Democratic Party that isn’t merely eager to return to the White House, but desperate to launch a new New Deal.

A new New Deal seems to be what a lot democratic rhetoric is pointing towards.  More government, less personal responsibility and accountability.

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