Out of Control Police

Posted in Uncategorized by Ryan on the April 10th, 2015

There is no place for law enforcement “professionals” like this in the United States. They shouldn’t be placed on paid leave, they should be on unpaid leave if you’re not going to terminate them right away. Then charge them for anything and everything criminally prosecutable in the video.

I’m sure the suspect will have his day in court as well for his lawlessness, after he gets out of the hospital.

The suspect was knocked off the horse, went prone and was clearly submitting to surrender. The chase, whatever it entailed, was over. He even placed his hands behind his back and kept them there. I’m sure he wished he hadn’t spread his legs for the officer that took a well aimed kick at the opportunity, to say nothing of the cheapness of every single blow delivered.

The irony is that the actual criminal prior to this beating will likely be a very rich man after the dust has settled in the coming months or years. Congratulations Mr. Pusok, you just won the stupid police brutality lottery.

UPDATE: I missed this development, but a month after posting this, an article detailed the settlement for Mr. Pusok.

The county agreed to pay Pusok a $650,000 settlement less than two weeks after the incident.

What would be great is if it came out of the officers’ paychecks and pensions. Garnish their wages for the next 10 years or something. Sadly, I assume it’s essentially coming out of the pockets of residents of San Bernardino County.

The worst part is that Mr. Pusok basically just cashed out, instead of doing what needs to be done and strip some of these officers of their badges.

As part of the settlement, the county admitted no wrongdoing in Pusok’s arrest.

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  1. Alojamiento web said, on August 27th, 2016 at 11:40 am

    New gun-control laws may have other merits, but it’s unlikely that they would slow down the militarization of U.S. police.

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