Proof Positive of Romney’s Rise in Florida

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the January 25th, 2008

Matt Lewis over at (a huge fan of McCain before his campaign shakeup up until the present) says,

Romney was ahead in the last Florida poll I saw, and since nothing that happened tonight is likely to radically upset the apple cart, he wins tonight merely by maintaining the status quo.

Lewis is intensely interested in seeing McCain win Florida, for him to maintain that the race is simply a “two man” affair at this point I think shows just how strongly Romney is picking up speed. Opponents will always give you a watered down version of reality that favors their candidate. Polls already show Romney significantly trending upward and he has been declared a winner in most circles after the one and only debate prior to Florida. Lewis himself even admits as much,

If one had to assign a winner tonight, Mitt Romney would probably get the nod.

Romney is leading the intrade prices at 60.0 to McCain’s 35.0….a sharp reversal from even just a few days ago.

So yes, it is a 2 man race, but I heavily suspect a Romney victory on Tuesday.

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