Shame on McCain Again

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the February 6th, 2008

Politicians & Veterans – Two Very Different Things

This story at reignited my feelings about injecting military service into political discussions.

In a letter released by McCain’s campaign Monday, Dole wrote Limbaugh: “I know that you have serious reservations about Senator McCain.”

Asked about Dole’s letter on the FOX News’ “FOX & Friends” Tuesday, Romney, who has tried to portray himself as a genuine conservative alternative to McCain, responded: “It’s probably the last person I would have wanted write a letter for me. I think there’s a lot of folks who tend to think that maybe John McCain’s race is bit like Bob Dole’s race. That it’s the guy who’s next in line, the inevitable choice.”

McCain lost no time in jumping on Romney’s critique of Dole.

“I think he should apologize,” McCain told reporters aboard his campaign plane. “This is no way to end his campaign, by attacking a genuine American war hero.” Dole was wounded in Europe during World War II and lost most of the use of one arm.

This is so reminiscent of Huckabee clamoring for Romney’s removal of “negative” advertising that addresses McCain’s political positions, not his character or integrity. Romney is addressing the political positions and actions of John McCain, the politician.

Sunday, on NBCs “Meet the Press”, Huckabee criticized the tone of the Romney campaign as desperate.

“Mitt Romney is running a very desperate and, frankly, a dishonest campaign. He’s attacked me, and, and yesterday–or Friday, I guess it was, he launched then just a broadside attack against Senator McCain,” Huckabee said. “Now, Senator McCain and I are rivals for the presidency, but I’ve said on many occasions, I’ll say it again here today, Senator McCain is an honorable man, and I believe he’s an honest man. I believe he’s a man of conviction. And I felt like that, when Mitt Romney went after the integrity of John McCain, he stepped across a line. John McCain’s a hero in this country. He’s a hero to me.

John McCain’s supporters have long advocated a policy of highlighting his heroic POW status. That is exactly what I would do were I supporting a candidate who served honorably in our military, particularly as a POW. However, when discussing a candidate’s political positions, the discussion of war heroics ends there.

For McCain to call for an apology for Romney’s politically oriented comment is frankly, dishonorable. When someone has placed oneself into the political arena, there is no special treatment. Period.

Let me spell it out.
Romney the politician is criticizing McCain the politician because Dole the politician injected himself into the political sphere on behalf of McCain. Now McCain the politician is claiming that Romney the politician attacked Dole the veteran.

It would be a flawed argument indeed if individuals with military service who then inject themselves into public political discourse were somehow “special.” But of course, no one is claiming that, McCain is simply twisting the story to suit his purposes. Shame on McCain again.

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  1. Steve said, on February 6th, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Very well written and explained. “Ya gotta” get the word out!

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