Shame on McCain

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the January 31st, 2008

After watching some of the highlights from the California debate I have to say that McCain’s unwavering attacks on Romney’s position regarding timetables is unacceptable.  He smirks and smiles as he asserts his point with one phrase taken out of an interview that clearly shows Romney has plenty of ammo to support his position against timetables of withdrawal.

His utter inability to explain why he brought this up days before the Florida primary just goes to show how hypocritical he is on matters of honestly communicating with the electorate.  Besides that, he couldn’t stop interrupting Romney or Anderson Cooper during most of the exchange.

Shame on McCain.  I cannot believe this man has positioned himself as the GOP frontrunner.  I sincerely hope that republicans coalesce around Romney to prevent a McCain nomination.

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  1. Theresa Smith said, on January 31st, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    Yes! I, too, found McCain arrogant and rude last night (calif debate) My mind is not made up on who I will vote for but I certainly know for whom I will NOT vote for. I didn’t like the way he smirked when Ron Paul was speaking either. However he feels about the man-he owes him his chance to speak. I give Mitt Romney a lot of credit for being professional!!! It’s hard to believe that Americans would want someone like McCain to run the country.

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