The Lying Left

Posted in Media Bias,U.S. by Ryan on the May 6th, 2014

The last couple of months, I’ve given this some thought as I’ve distilled some recent observations into a straightforward conclusion. I suppose I’ve always known this, but it is worth stating succinctly.

The left lies.

They lie about many things to achieve various policy objectives and to sway public opinion. The right however is much less inclined to fabricate, deceive and lie. This puts the right in the difficult position of having to laboriously explain and clarify to mitigate untruths.

Exhibit A: Women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes
This is a great emotional rallying cry for many to latch onto as proof of gender inequality and create a partisan wedge. To engage on the point, the right has to expend a mountain of words to explain that the methodology and logic to arrive at this figure is flawed.

Exhibit B: 8 million people signed up for Obamacare
President Obama recently declared victory with with the Affordable Care Act and declared it a success with no need for further debate. To dispute this simple claim takes a paragraph to explain all the missing data and demographic information that would actually validate or invalidate this claim as successful.

Disputing these assertions of 77 cents or 8 million don’t just take more time to explain, but the energy required to combat and overcome an “original” premise that is so widely asserted takes much more effort than simply making the original assertion. In fact, without the media’s help, I’m not sure how it can be done. Were the right to lie as regularly, the media would dissemble the lies quickly and question those disseminating them. When the left does it, they rarely question them but instead often just parrot the lies without any investigative inquiry or curiosity about their origins in fact.

I’ve been musing about the inherent disadvantage the right is under because of how it has more loyalty to truth than the left does. The left misrepresents facts to achieve political goodwill for their policies, and because there is often some grain of truth inside of the larger mistruth, they take advantage of human emotion and they’re able to maintain their original assertion for much longer than they should. Sometimes indefinitely.

The right needs to find ways to counter this tactic of the left with honest but effective slogans, statements or assertions that are just as potent and emotionally attractive. Truth will always, eventually, overcome fiction.

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