The Republican Party

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the February 6th, 2008

I don’t know what to think. Hugh Hewitt keeps on looking ahead to future contests.

Now at the middle of the contest John McCain is poised as the front runner for the republican nomination. However, McCain is so far removed from what a republican should hold near and dear, it is bizarre that he would ever get nominated. However, he is obviously tremendously popular among voters. The only comfort I can take is that I heard that many exit polls indicated that he won among people that care about a candidates’ character and Romney won among people that care about issues. I wonder if they poll people on their intelligence as well…. ( I should add that Huckabee is no doubt splitting the conservative vote…thus denying Romney a chance to overtake McCain)

If McCain were elected president, I hope the people that voted based on character enjoy McCain’s “character” as he imposes liberal ideals diametrically opposed to the republican party.

Heaven help the republican party that might nominate a pro-illegal immigration, pro-government, pro-tax, pro-global warming, flip-flop name calling hypocrite that has been endorsed by most major liberal newspapers. (We’ll not mention the unpredictable temper in detail in this post.) It is really silly. I wouldn’t go as far as Ann Coulter, but it is humorous to think that McCain & Clinton wouldn’t have much to debate other than Iraq, and then, Clinton would just be lying through her teeth.

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