Unbelievable. The Ayers-Obama Relationship

Posted in Election 2008,Media Bias by Ryan on the October 9th, 2008

CNN has an in depth investigative report regarding Sarah Palin’s assertion that Obama associates with terrorists.  It is unbelievable how overwhelmingly it contradicts the conclusions made by the same network’s own feckless “Truth Squad” headed up by Josh Levs and unquestioned by “journalists.”

Here is the investigative report:

And here is the “Truth Squad” at different times:

Besides the fact that Josh Levs has proven himself a joke of a reporter for something called the “Truth Squad,” he wants to play the semantics game, because in his mind, that is more important than investigating the past relationship between Obama and Ayers.

The anchors can hardly hide their dismay that anyone would question the Obamessiah’s past, mentioning Obama was 7 or 8 years old at the time Ayers bombed federal buildings.    Anderson Cooper does hide his bias a bit better than the others, but maybe that is because he just sat through a damning investigative report.

If media bias were not so serious, this would be funny.  Same network, different facts.

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