Why People Can’t Decode Mormonism

Posted in Election 2008 by Ryan on the October 19th, 2007

I’ve seen a number of promising things recently of Christian Evangelicals endorsing Romney, but there still seems to be this pervasive attack on Mormon theology.

As a practicing member of the LDS faith, I seriously can’t believe the misinformation that still gets spread around.  This article by Ken Bode is full of ridiculous “facts.”

Mormons reject the unified Trinity, for example, and teach that God and Adam were one and the same.

Yes, Mormons believe in 3 separate beings in the Trinity or “Godhead.”  I’m befuddled as to where and when God and Adam were ever the same person.

 …and that blacks are subhuman, “beasts of the field,” placed on earth as the living representatives of Satan.

Important to note that Mormons were never slave holders.  Blacks certainly weren’t allowed to hold the Priesthood until the 1970’s as the article says, but living representatives of Satan?!  Get real.

Women remain second-class citizens, and those who question that orthodoxy are often excommunicated, denying them everlasting life.

If you have an issue with Jesus only calling men to be apostles, then I guess this “second-class” claim would hold true.  Otherwise, just nonsense.

Romney has done everything he can to define Mormonism as mainstream Christian, “a quintessentially American faith,” insisting that he accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior, which itself butts against LDS teaching.

I honestly can’t say that the author is willing to accept the truth about LDS teaching.  I don’t even know where to begin but his reference to “LDS teaching” uses the acronym attributed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Anyone who has ever gone to an LDS service or actually read anything from the entirety of LDS church history would recognize that Mormons didn’t make up a second Jesus.

As Ann Romney notes in a recent interview:

There are a lot of misperceptions out there about the Mormon faith. Once [people] actually see the candidate and what he stands for, and the values that he has, they quickly get over that.

Hopefully that proves to be true.  As Harry Reid, also a Mormon, recently said at an address given at Brigham Young University:

 I hope that Mitt Romney’s presidential bid is determined by his political stands, and not his religion.

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